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Celebrate - Live
Live album by
Recordedat Melodyland Christian Center in California
GenreChristian rock
The Archers chronology
Stand Up!
Celebrate - Live
The Lord's Prayer

Celebrate – Live was the only live album released for The Archers, and the last release of their original contract with Light Records. Recorded at “Melodyland Christian Center,” in Southern California.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Celebrate" (Riso)
  2. "Wonderful To Feel Your Love" (Thomas)
  3. "Where Could I Go" (Coats)
  4. "Lord, Keep Your Lovin' Hand On Me" (Learning)
  5. "Sunshine On A Cloudy Day" (Archer, Dan Cutrona)
  6. "I'm Gonna Rise" (Nancye Short-Tsapralis)
  7. "It Wouldn't Be Enough" (Aldridge)
  8. "Waitin', Anticipatin'" (T. Archer, S. Archer)
  9. "Fresh Surrender" (Billy Rush Masters)
  10. "Stand Up" (Archer, Phil Kristianson)
  11. "Celebrate (Reprise)" (Riso)


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