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Camp may refer to:

Outdoor accommodation and recreation[edit]

  • Campsite or campground, a recreational outdoor sleeping and eating site
  • a temporary settlement for nomads
  • Camp, a term used in New England, Northern Ontario and New Brunswick to describe a cottage
  • Military camp
  • Summer camp, typically organized for groups of children or youth
  • Tent city, a housing facility often occupied by homeless people or protesters

Areas of imprisonment or confinement[edit]

Gatherings of people[edit]

Places and areas[edit]


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]




  • Camp (1965 film), a 1965 underground film directed by Andy Warhol
  • Camp (2003 film), a 2003 independent film written and directed by Todd Graff about an upstate New York performing arts summer camp


  • Camp (album), a 2011 album from rapper Childish Gambino
  • Camp Mulla, a Kenyan hip hop group
  • Camp Records, a 1960s record label that specialized in producing gay-themed novelty records and singles


Military and athletics[edit]


Technology and computing[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Camp (style), an ironic appreciation of that which might otherwise be considered outlandish or corny, or in British English, effeminate male homosexual mannerisms and speech
  • Camp Coffee, a concentrated coffee-flavoured syrup
  • T.H. Camp (shipwreck), a Lake Superior shipwreck off the coast of Wisconsin

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