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Clean may refer to:

  • Cleaning, the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment
  • Cleanliness, the state of being clean and free from dirt

Arts and media[edit]




  • "Clean", a song by Depeche Mode from their 1990 album Violator
  • "Clean", a song by Taylor Swift from her album 1989, also covered by Ryan Adams from his album 1989
  • "Clean", a song by KSI and Randolph from the 2019 album New Age

Other uses in music[edit]

  • Clean, an amplifier sound in guitar terminology
  • Clean vocals, a term used for singing to distinguish it from unclean vocals, such as screaming or growling
  • The Clean, an influential first-wave indie rock band

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Clean (2004 film), a 2004 French drama film directed by Olivier Assayas
  • Clean (2021 film), a 2021 American crime drama film directed by Paul Solet
  • Clean comedy (or clean performance), entertainment which avoids profanity and other objectionable material; the opposite of blue comedy


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