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Control may refer to:

Basic meanings[edit]

Economics and business[edit]

Mathematics and science[edit]


  • Control, according to the ICD-10-PCS, in the Medical and Surgical Section (0), is the root operation (# 3) that means stopping, or attempting to stop, post-procedural bleeding

Systems engineering, computing and technology[edit]

  • Automatic control, the application of control theory for regulation of processes without direct intervention
  • Control character, or non-printing character, in a character set; does not represent a written symbol, but is used to control the interpretation or display of text
  • Control engineering, a discipline of modeling and controlling of systems
  • Control system, the ability to control some mechanical or chemical equipment
  • Control theory, the mathematical theory about controlling dynamical systems over time
  • Control flow, means of specifying the sequence of operations in computer programs
  • Control variables in programming, which regulate the flow of control
  • Control key, on a computer keyboard
  • GUI widget (control or widget), a component of a graphical user interface
  • Input device (control), a physical user interface to a computer system

Society, psychology and sociology[edit]

Other basic uses[edit]



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