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Counter may refer to:

Mathematics and computing[edit]

  • Counter machine, a subclass of register machines
  • Counter (digital), an electronic device, mechanical device, or computer program for counting
  • Loop counter, the variable that controls the iterations of a loop
  • Jeton, a reckoning counter used on reckoning boards for calculations
  • Mechanical counter, a digital counter using mechanical components
  • Tally counter, a mechanical counting device
  • Web counter, a counter that counts the number of visits to a web page
  • Project COUNTER, a standard for reporting usage statistics of electronic resources
  • [[Text counter]], A tools save your time to counting any kind of text even Math digit and symbol

Games and sport[edit]

Linguistics and typography[edit]

Other uses[edit]

People with the name[edit]

  • Nick Counter (1940–2009), American film and television executive
  • S. Allen Counter (1944–2017), American neuroscientist, polar explorer, and university administrator
  • See also Caunter, an associated surname

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